Frances Robertson: Biography

Robertson is currently a lecturer at Glasgow School of Art in the Department of Historical and Critical studies.

Graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2000:BA (Hons) Drawing and painting Roberston has been working as a lecturer, designer, freelance artist and also write.


Composition: Leaf Fall/ Seeing by Touch (in collaboration with Gerry Stewart and Nalini Paul) Grimalkin Press: Glasgow 2006

‘Promissory notes’ 2008 catalogue essay for exhibition The Money Supply: Printing & Engraving by Blair Robins Artist book Toronto and Washington DC

‘Dazzle painting: the Art of Deceit in War’ Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History 2002.

‘Vision and Illusion: Photography, the moon landscape and SFX model-making’ Visual Knowledges Conference Proceedings Online University of Edinburgh 17-20 Sept. 2003 ISBN 0 9532713 31

‘The Aesthetics of Authenticity: Banknotes as Industrial Currency’ Technology and Culture January 2005 John Hopkins University Press.

‘Science and Fiction: James Nasmyth’s Photographic Images’ Victorian Studies Vol. 48: 4 2006 Indiana University Press

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