Adele Patrick:Biography

Adele Patrick studied Embroidered and Woven Textiles at Glasgow School of Art. She was in the first group of students to graduate on the MA Design course. Whilst still a postgraduate student she formed Graven Images Design company with fellow student Janice Kirkpatrick. After graduating she joined the Historical and Critical Studies Department at GSA where she supervised Gender, Art and Culture Studies for 12 years. Adele began her doctoral studies (on the convergences of gender, feminism, class and ethnicity in the territory of self-fashioning) in the Women’s Studies department at University of Strathclyde and gained a PhD in the Media Studies Department at University of Stirling under the supervision of Prof. Simon Frith.

Adele has been involved in campaigning, research, writing, teaching and community learning and development on women and gender for 20 years and was one of the founders of Women in Profile and Glasgow Women’s Library. She is currently Lifelong Learning and Creative Development Manager at GWL and has recently become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

February 2011

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